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BettingGods Review | Are Sports Tipsters a viable Alternative to Casino Games?

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BettingGods Review | Are Sports Tipsters a viable Alternative to Casino Games?

Casino games aren’t the only growth area when it comes to online gambling. Sports betting is also proving more popular than ever. However popularity doesn’t necessarily mean profitable. In fact bookmakers and casino companies are frequently announcing million or even billion dollar revenue figures to their shareholders and a significant part of that is gross profit. For example, William Hill, one of the largest gambling companies reported revenue of £1,590.90 million back in 2015.

If bookmakers and casinos are making a profit – then there average is making a loss. Its as simple as that. However this doesn’t mean its impossible to make an income through casino games and/or sports betting. With casino games various short term strategies can be used to deliver profit and more importantly the clever use of welcome offers can benefit players.

The focus of this article however will not be casino games but instead the phenomenon of sports betting or ‘trading’ as it is sometimes refereed. Realistically the only way to make money through sports betting is to either have expert insight yourself or follow the recommendations of a reputable tipster service. As the later is the only viable option for most individuals that’s what RedBlackWin.com will focus on for this review. After extensive research – the majority of highly rated and verified sports tipsters can be found on the BettingGods Network. So for that reason this article will focus on reviewing the services found on that site.

Sports Betting vs Casino Games (in a nutshell…)

With every casino game whether it be a slot machine, roulette, blackjack or another – there is an edge built in. This is known as the ‘house edge’ and is simply a mathematical advantage for the casino that should deliver profit for them long term and across many players/accounts. Sports betting is similar in that traders select odds and then integrate the profit margin. For example if there is a tennis match between two players and the traders believe the probability for ‘Player A’ to win is 50% they should offer odds of evens (2.00) to be fair. However in reality the odds will most likely be in the 1.80-1.90 range. The idea behind sportsbook and casino games products is simple – pay out less money than they take in. Sounds simple? With casino games it is. There isn’t a realistic way of gaining an edge long term regardless of which strategy or strategy is used. However with sports betting its not that simple. An expert in a specific sports such as tennis, horse racing or golf can gain an edge by out-thinking the trading team at the bookmaker.

This has happened for decades however bookmakers have a simple solution. Limit or even close the accounts of the profitable players. Not fair? Exactly, but its there right as a business to decline certain bets or customers and there is nothing a consumer can do about this. However fortunately there is a solution – sports betting exchanges. This is where punters match bets against each other. You’ll never get limited/restricted on these sites and there is no advantage of doing this from the companies perspective. They simply take a small percentage commission on all matched bets.

So now we’ve clarified that it is possible to make an income through sports betting its now simply a case of selecting which tipster to follow. It’s a difficult decision – there are thousands out there and the vast majority deliver poor results. After all its not easy making money through markets that be default have an edge against the punter integrated.

Which Sports Tipster(s) do RedBlackWin.com Suggest?

BettingGods.com offer a network of tipsters covering a large range of sports including horse racing, golf, football and greyhound racing. All services are verified and highly regarded within the sports trading community. The single most profitable service during our testing was Quentin Franks. To see a comphresive guide to approved tipsters view the ‘Highest Rated Tipsters List‘ from Tennis Tips UK.

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