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Slot Machines: How Much to Bet?

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Slot Machines: How Much to Bet? RedBlackWin.com Online Casino Guide

Casinos have thrived over the past decade with the new age of online gambling making it easier than ever to access the multitude of different games available to those wishing to test their luck. Slot machine games are one of the most profitable areas for the casino as they typically have a lower payout percentage when compared to table games such as Roulette or Blackjack.

However, its not all bad news for the player as slot games offer many unique features such as exciting graphics, bonus rounds and jackpot prizes that can catapult players on to rich lists. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives?

RedBlackWin are focusing on a very specific question – Slot Machines: How Much to Bet? Refering to the choice players have when playing these slot games. Bet Big? Or Keep it Small?

One of the first questions that players have when they launch an online slot game is how much to bet with each spin. They will typically be able to select the number of paylines and bet per line however the important figure to focus on in the total amount wagered each time the player hits that spin button.

Slot Machines: How Much to Bet?

Slot Machines: How Much to Bet? ‘Elements’ Slot Game created by NetEnt

Some players subscribe to the theory that ‘the more you bet, you more you win’ however clearly this carries a huge risk whereas others prefer to keep the stake per spin small to focus more on the game-play experience rather than chasing a big win. Which method yields the best results long term?

In reality, each slot machine has a set payout level known as the Return to Player (RTP). This indicates how much a player would expect to make for every set amount they put into a slot game. For example, a slot machine could offer a 95% RTP. This means over millions of spins, for every £1 put in the player would get £0.95 back. In reality it would rarely work out that way because of variance over a relatively low number of spins but its a good indicator.

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Whether the player bets big or small, it shouldn’t alter the percentage profit or loss that they make as when they do win the profit will be bigger and also naturally losses with be more significant too when compared to a low stakes player. Slot machines, and indeed all forms of gambling, should be fun and controlled. RedBlackWin suggest betting amounts that would not have a serious impact on the financial state of the individual question. For some, this may mean that betting £1 on every spin is too much, whereas for others it has be thousands.

18+ Gamble Responsibly.