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Difficulties when trying to Cash Out / Withdraw at the Casino ?


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At RedBlackWin.com we often receive emails from visitors to the site asking for advice about specific casino games, how our strategies work and much more. However, the most common type of message by far always has the same theme. Here’s an example email from John, received 27th January 2015 …

It started really well, I walked over to the Roulette table and won with an outside bet. I used the Martingale strategy that I read on your site, I lost the first spin but then won on the second so I was in profit again.  I then tried some Blackjack and after ten hands I had made a big profit again. I considered cashing in and securing the profit, but I decided to try the Slot machines for a little while before I left.

I only put £10 on initially, and lost that quickly. I was disappointed that I had reduced my profits, so I put more money in hoping to recover the loss and get back to the total I had before.

After an hour or so, I had lost everything.

This type of email must hit our inbox at least once a week, it’s incredibly frustrating to know individuals gave themselves the best chance of winning (by using a strategy and a sensible wager stake technique) and where successful – but then threw it all away and ended up with a significant loss.

With all gambling games, whether your playing online or in a real casino, the most important message to have in your head isn’t a specific strategy or system – it’s to quit while your ahead or even when you’ve made a loss.

5 Tips for Making a Profit with Casino Games (Such as Roulette, Blackjack or Slots)

1.) Made a Profit on your First Spin/Hand? Cash in your chips or withdraw. Don’t keep playing as the most likely outcome is that you will lose both your profit and your initial stake.

2.) Never Chase Losses – If your first wager loses, of course it’s okay to keep betting for more hands/spins as chances are your luck will change. But if you’ve had a bad night and you’ve lost numerous times, it may not be statistically realistic to try and recover all your losses. Walk away with a minor loss instead of a complete one by risking everything.

3.) Avoid Slot Machines – they typically have the lowest payout and highest casino edge especially when compared to Roulette and Blackjack. It’s okay to play them occasionally for fun, but they are very unlikely to deliver anything but a large loss in the long term

4.) Don’t Let Previous Results Influence your Betting Technique – if your playing Roulette and Red has come out ten times in a row, black must be due on the next spin right? In a word, no. Each spin is independent and so this shouldn’t be a factor that intelligent players should even consider.

5.) Keep your Stake Consistent unless your Following a Specific Strategy – if your betting a smaller amount and you win a few times in a row. It may be tempting to do a large single bet as you are feeling lucky. Remember one loss and you’ve lost all your profits from before.

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