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Hot & Cold Numbers | Roulette Guide


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Hot & Cold Numbers | Roulette Guide

The concept is really simple – if a specific number result comes up frequently in recent draws, then it is deemed a ‘hot number’, if the opposite occurs for another number as it rarely comes up, it is considered to be a cold number. However, many online roulette players seem to value these numbers more than they perhaps should. For example, thinking that a hot number is more likely to appear again consequently placing a straight bet on it.

Roulette hot and cold numbers

Hot and Cold Numbers in Online Roulette – a useful statistic?

Although Hot & Cold numbers can be a fun concept; it’s important to understand that roulette is a game of chance, each number on the wheel has the same chance of appearing with the next spin and each roulette spin is independent from the last.

In other words, the amount of times a number has appeared in previous spins has absolutely no relation to the next spin.

Online Roulette FAQIllustrating how Statistical Independence Works

Ten black results appear in a row, surely the next result has to be red?

This is a common misconception among online roulette players. Just because the same result has appeared multiple times, this doesn’t indicate anything about the next result as each spin is independent from the last.

An individual number hasn’t appeared in over 100 spins (it’s now considered a cold number) – this would indicate the wheel somehow stops the result from appearing and favors other numbers.

If your playing online roulette on a credible casino website, then each spin is fair and thus the chance of any one individual number appearing is identical regardless of which number you select or whether it has appeared a lot in recent draws or never in hundreds of spins.

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Are Hot & Cold Numbers Good for Anything?

If  a player doesn’t have a favorite number or a specific bet in mind for the next spin, they could use a hot or cold number. It has exactly the same chance of winning as any other number.


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