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Is Online Roulette Fixed? | Roulette Scams, Cons & Tricks – Do Online Roulette Games Cheat?


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Is Online Roulette Fixed and Do Online Roulette Games Cheat? | Roulette Scams, Cons & Tricks

If as an online roulette player you have a run of bad luck, it’s easy to start making statements about the game such as – Online Roulette is Fixed or Online Roulette is a scam. Online Roulette Games Cheat and so on. In fact, there must be thousands of posts like this on social media and internet forums each year.

In this guide, we aim to sort the fact from fiction and to conclude by answering the question – is Online Roulette Fixed?


How the Outcome of a Spin is Decided in Online Roulette:

RNG (Random Number Generation) is at the core of online roulette. The only exception is with live online roulette of course, where a real physical wheel is used to spin. But with all digital online roulette games a random number generator is used to decide the result and the wheel spin you see as a player is simply a visual representation of this number selection.

The direction or speed of the spin has no connection to the result that appears.

Although Random Number Generation technology is technically not truly random, as it uses an algorithm, this shouldn’t be a concern for players. The important action from a players perceptive is to play with a reputable online casino website who has all of their games externally validated and verified for statistical fairness.

For example, in the United Kingdom, online casino games like roulette have to be extensively tested to ensure they are fair and so the statement ‘Online Roulette is fixed’ is certainly not true in those cases.

is online roulette fixed?

Is Online Roulette Fixed? Our Analysis of How these Games Work and if they are Fair to Players


Does the Casino cheat with Online Roulette?

In reality, as long as your using a credible, reputable online casino website or app, the results will be fair and no element of cheating will be involved. The use of Random Number Generators protects both the players and casino as it gives a fair, random result and at the same time mean’s the wheel can’t be hacked or the result somehow manipulated to favor either the casino or player.

Conclusion – is Online Roulette Fixed?

No, the vast majority of online roulette games as statistically fair and give a random result with each spin. Just ensure as a player, you use a credible casino website where their games have all been externally tested and verified.

For more detailed information on this subject view our full findings from our investigation – Is Online Roulette Fair?


Key Online Roulette Fact – Remember that all Roulette Wheels, both online and in real casino’s have a house edge built in, that’s the green zero and/or double zero depending on the type of game your playing. This mean’s the casino does have an advantage so the fact a player loses in some situations isn’t a sign that the game is rigged, it’s simple probability.

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