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Martingale Strategy | Online Roulette System – How does it Work? Overall Rating 8/10


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How the Martingale Strategy Works – Step by Step Guide

Step 1.) Launch an Online Roulette Game and Place your Initial Bet on either Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18 or 19-36.

 The bet selected will make no difference to the probability of making money with this strategy, just ensure it’s an outside bet with a ‘double your money’ return. In the example below, we’ve chosen to bet on black. Try and Find a Roulette game with a low house edge and high return to player – For example, the payout percentage on Moon Games Roulette is one of the best available at 98.65% – the online average is between 95-97%

martingale strategy

Martingale Strategy- How does it Work? Step 1 – Start by placing chips on an outside bet (red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36). A low initial stake is advised to reduce the chance of hitting the table limits

Step 2.) Spin the Wheel & Await the Result – This will determine the stake of  your next bet.

Repeat the simple process below and probability dictates that in the vast majority of cases the player will make a decent profit equal to that of their original stake. For example, if your first bet was £100, that’s the profit you’d expect to win at the end of the roulette session.

A.) The First Bet Wins – place an identical bet again. In this example, the initial result would have been black to result in the win. So that mean’s the next bet could be on black too. It’s possible to switch your bet with each spin, it makes no difference to your odds of winning assuming you stick with an outside bet of either red, black, odds, even, 1-18 or 19-36.

B.) The Initial Bet Loses – In our example, a red or green zero result would mean a loss. So double the initial stake and bet on the same selection again.

An Example of the Martingale Strategy

A player opens a European Roulette game on their favorite casino website. They begin by placing a £10 bet on black. This bet loses, so according to the rules of the Martingale Strategy, they bet again on black but this time double their stake to £20.

In this case they are unlucky and lose again as a red result appears. Following the strategy again, they double their stake to £40 and bet on black again. This time the result is black and they win, meaning they now have a £80 return.

In total they spent £70 (£10 on the initial bet which lost, £20 on the second which also lost and £40 on the winning bet)

The result is £10 Profit. The only way a player can lose with this strategy is if they either hit the table limit or run out of funds.

On most Roulette games, with a decent table limit, it would take around seven losses in a row to hit the limit.

This mean’s the overall odds of making a profit with the Martingale Strategy is over 99% assuming the starting stake is low. 

RedBlackWin’s Tutorial Video – Martingale Roulette Strategy

Advantages of the Martingale System

– It gives the player a high chance of making a profit in the short term, assuming the starting stake is low. This is required as table limits imposed by the casino on roulette games are a very significant obstacle for the Martingale strategy as the player is only able to double their stake a limited number of times

– Allows recovery of losses in the majority of cases, for example when the first wager loses

– It’s completely legal when used in online roulette games as it’s simply a betting pattern.

– Imagine spinning a coin ten times and it doesn’t come up heads once – that’s comparable to your chances of losing in the short term with the Martingale strategy – pretty good huh?

Disadvantages of the Martingale System

– If the player is very unlucky it can lead to large losses, but assuming you follow the steps above the likelihood is that the player will make a good profit in the short term.

– The long term outlook still favors the casino – but short term it can make a respectable profit.

 RedBlackWin’s Exclusive Martingale Strategy Tips

The Martingale strategy is fairly well known, but there’s some extra enhancements you can make to increase your chances of winning further

  • Use a Roulette Game with ‘La Partage’ – this reduces the house edge as the player receives a 50% refund on green zero results. As with the Martingale strategy all bets would normally lose with this return, it makes a significant difference to long term chances of profit.
  • Never use an American Roulette game as this has a house edge in excess of 5% – European Roulette or the aforementioned La Partage will greatly increase your chances of having success with this strategy.


Looking to try the Martingale Strategy?

To give yourself the best chance of success with this strategy it’s important to have the following; an online casino account that let’s you play European Roulette or preferably La Partage as this will increase your chances of making profit.

It’s also important to locate a game with a relatively high table limit, this is an essential part of the Martingale Strategy. An additional bonus is finding a casino site with a rewards scheme that offers free chips or prizes for regular players.

The casino website shown below offer all of these features so are ideal for trying to Martingale Strategy either with play money or real funds.

Roulette Strategy FAQ (Martingale)

Does the Martingale Strategy Guarantee Profits?

It gives players a very high chance of short term profit, but it does not guarantee profits as there is still a low chance of many consecutive losses.

Does this Strategy work on all Online Roulette Games?

It does, however it will be more effective on European Roulette games. Always look for a casino which offers games with a low house edge and large payout percentage. Such as the aforementioned Mr Green or BetOnline for American Players.

Is this Roulette Strategy Legal?

Yes, it’s simply a betting pattern and you won’t be penalized for using it.

Is there a quick way of calculating the profit i’ll make from using the Martingale Strategy?

With this strategy, the minimum profit the player will make is their starting stake. So if your first bet was £500 on black, that’s the profit you’d expect to walk away with, even if the first few wagers lose. The only risk is either hitting the table limit or not having enough funds to keep doubling your bet.

Overall Rating of the Martingale Roulette Strategy – 8/10

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