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Online Roulette Tips | Betting Guide


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Online Roulette Tips & Betting Guide | Why Play Roulette Online?, Common Misconceptions about Roulette, Game Rules Introduction, How to Play & Probability of Winning

So your looking to play Roulette for the first time? Well, you’ve taken a good first step by trying to fully understand the rules and how it works first. This beginner Roulette betting guide aims to answer those questions and more so you have the best possible chance of winning with your first real money spins and all the subsequent ones in the future.

online roulette tips


Why Play Roulette Online?

We love the game of Roulette, not just because of the potential monetary winnings but also because of the thrill and anticipation as the ball spins and pure ecstasy if it lands on your bet. As long as you stick within a strict budget, learn to quit while your ahead and always play for fun and not for required financial gain – we’re confident you’ll enjoy playing roulette. Plus your chances of winning are high, the casino edge (the statistical probability advantage that the casino has) is fairly low. It’s certainly not unrealistic to want to win regularly and make profits on your original stake. Using online roulette is particularly appealing as it’s far more convenient – you can play from home or on the go with a tablet or smartphone. It’s also significantly quicker and easier to place bets and collect winnings online compared to a real casino.


Common Misconceptions about Roulette:

Statement: “The chance of winning with a simple bet on red or black, even or odds is 50% on any type of Roulette wheel”

The Truth: The probability of win with that type of bet is actually slightly lower than 50% as there is also a green zero section. The second mistake with that statement is that all Roulette wheel’s have the same probability of winning – again, this simply isn’t true. We’ll explain this in more detail slightly lower on the page.

Statement: “If the last spin was a black result, it’s more likely to be red on the next spin”

The Truth: Your immediate reaction to this statement may be that’s obviously not true. But detailed studies show there is a clear pattern between the previous result and betting activity for the next roulette spin. Even if there have been ten black results in the row, the next spin is just as likely to be black again as it is to be red. A Roulette wheel doesn’t have a memory, each spin is completely independent from all previous ones.

Statement: “Online Roulette is Rigged – you can’t win”

The Truth: On reputable casino websites this simply isn’t the case. It’s no secret that by default the casino has a statistical advantage with each spin, that’s how they make their money. But this doesn’t prevent individual players from making money or scoring a big win. The UK Gambling commission requires online roulette games to be independently verified to ensure they are fair and the odds of each outcome are correct.


Roulette Games Rules Introduction – How to Play:

For this guide; we’re assuming your playing online casino roulette. You may have noticed already that their are different types of roulette games – the main types are American Roulette & European Roulette (sometimes referred to as French Roulette). Regardless of the type of game your playing, to place a bet it’s a very simple process to follow:

number 1 roulette betting guide, how to bet Register with an Online Roulette Website. We strongly advise against using bonuses or free bets, they typically have rollover requirements that almost guarantee you won’t be able to win. Play with your real money and don’t be drawn in by ‘100% bonuses’

online roulette betting guide how to play Select a Roulette Game – We suggest European Roulette (also known as French Roulette). This gives the best chance of winning, especially with a red or black bet, where the house edge is reduced significantly over say an American roulette game.

number 3 roulette online betting guide Place the chips on the table to where you want to bet. For example, place the chips you want to stake on red or black on the outside of the table. Red or black is among the best bets to place as your chance of winning is better than other selections and the house edge is lower than say a straight bet. After you’ve checked you have placed it correctly, press the spin button.


Probability of Winning, Online Roulette Tips & How to Win at Roulette:

The first key point to remember is that Roulette is a game of chance – so luck is required to regularly win. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be intelligent about the way you bet and increase your chances of winning.

A key term to familiarize yourself with is the ‘House Edge’. This refers to the statistical advantage that the casino has on each spin, This advantage is not the same for each type of Roulette, for example it’s lower on outside bets like red or black, odds or evens. Betting on these will give you a better chance of winning on a Roulette wheel.


RedBlackWin’s Roulette Probability section gives you all the specific odds and analysis.