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‘All Bases Covered’ Strategy | Roulette Tips & Systems – Overall Rating 10/10


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How the ‘All Bases Covered’ Strategy Works – Step by Step Guide to Making Money with Online Roulette

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 See the ‘All Bases Covered’ Strategy in Action – Tutorial Video

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Step 1.) Place your first bet – your chips need to cover either the first dozen and 19-36 or the third dozen and 1-18. The total stake should be £10 or scaled in the following format – £6 on the outside bet of either 1-18 or 19-36 and the remaining £4 on the dozen bet.

In total, thirty outcomes are covered with this strategy making the odds of winning with each spin very high (over 81% in fact)

Roulette strategy all bases covered

‘All Bases Covered’ – Step One – Place the chips to cover the outside bet and the relevant column. In this example, 1-18 and the 3rd Dozen


Step 2.) Spin and Repeat – The Return is £12 for each winning £10 bet regardless of which bet wins

This strategy works well for large stakes, the example given below is just to illustrate the concept, but a player could wager £100 per spin. For this, they just have to keep the stake consistent so it would be £60 on the outside bet of either 1-18 or 19-36 and £40 on the dozen bet.

In this example; the player would have just over an 80% chance of making £20 profit.

An Example of the ‘All Bases Covered’ Strategy

Matt opens European Roulette online and sets up his chips to cover the 1-18 and third dozen – his total bet is £10 per spin (£6 on the outside 1-18 bet and the remainder on the third dozen)

He spins and for each win, he gains £2 profit. Given the fact the probability of losing with each spin is less than 20% – he has a good chance of making a decent profit.
This strategy is very effective with larger one of bets – for example a £1000 bet would give a £200 return with a single win – for which the chance of this happening would be over 80%. Plus by playing a Roulette game with ‘La Partage’ it could boost the players chances of winning further – find out more details about Casino websites offering this game below.

Advantages of the ‘All Bases Covered’ System

–  A great chance of making a decent profit in just a few spins – probability is on the players side with each spin so losses will be rare.

– It’s a fairly high risk strategy but the profit reward justifies it.


Disadvantages of the ‘All Bases Covered’ System

– It’s possible to make a large loss quickly, but the odds favor the player in the short term to make a modest profit as illustrated above.

Looking to try the ‘All Bases Covered’ Strategy?

This strategy will work on any online roulette game – but it’s possible to increase your chances of making a profit by finding a rare type of game known as ‘La Partage’ European Roulette. In this game, a green zero result refunds part of the stake to the player when they lose, whereas normal roulette games take the entire bet.

La Partage Roulette Strategy

A Higher Payout Percentage means an increased chance of profit for a player using any Roulette Strategy

Mr Green Casino will let you try this strategy for free or with real funds plus they offer the aforementioned game so their house edge is lower and your chances of making money with this strategy are increased significantly.

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