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How to Get the Best Roulette Odds Online | La Partage Roulette Explained


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Best Roulette Odds Online |  La Partage Roulette

How to Get the Best Roulette Odds Online?

It’s a commonly held belief by many new to online casino that all roulette games offer the same chance of winning – this simply isn’t the case. Our guide will help you discover the best online roulette game in terms of your chance of winning with each bet.

Play La Partage Roulette Online – Which Casinos Offer this Game?

La Partage Roulette has a Higher Payout Percentage and Lower Casino Edge than any other Roulette Game. Most casinos online refuse to offer it for those reasons, but we’ve found one of the few that still does.

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Different Types of Online Roulette – All Roulette Games give the same odds of winning, right? In fact, this statement is false. American Roulette and European Roulette differ quite significantly for example. By having an understanding of these differences, a player can increase their own chances of winning on online roulette by reducing the house edge (the statistical advantage the casino has).

Depositing, placing bets and withdrawing are virtually identical on all of these online roulette games, it’s just the probability of winning that varies between the games.

How to get the best roulette odds La Partage

Let’s start with the worst Online Roulette game (in terms of your chance of winning) – American Roulette. The house edge on all popular bets is 5.26% because of the fact there is a green zero and also a double zero. Resulting in a statistical disadvantage for any player betting on red or black for example.

To improve your odds of winning; a European or French Roulette game is a good choice. On these games, there is only a single green zero thus the house edge is reduced by half. The figures may look like a minor difference on paper, but on reality and over the course of many spins it makes a huge difference to your probability of walking away with profit from online roulette.

Which Roulette Game is the Best? For the Statistical Chance of Winning & Making Money

The ultimate online roulette game is fairly hard to find; there’s a reason for this – it gives significantly better odds for players to make money as the house edge is lower. The game is known as online La Partage European Roulette. Originating from France, as you may have guessed from the name, it’s a game where if a green zero result occurs from a spin, half of stakes on outside bets are refunded to the player.

On a standard American or European Roulette wheel, a green result would clearly mean a loss for any bet on Red, Black, Odds, Evens or any other outside bet. But by playing on a La Partage European roulette wheel, not only is the house edge reduced because of only having one green zero, but also when this result does occur your losses are partially refunded.

Best Roulette Odds Online

La Partage Roulette Games have a Lower House Edge and Higher Return to Play (RTP)

Casino’s rely on uneducated players – those who don’t understand the odds of winning or which games have the larger house edge. Whereas La Partage European Roulette is played by the the more intelligent online casino players as it gives the best chance of winning to the player hands down.

The winnings for each bet type are identical to any other type of roulette, there is no negative side of using a roulette wheel like this, it’s simply a case of trying to locate one online which can prove a little problematic.

We can help with that though, we’ve scoured the web looking for the very best casino sites offering European La Partage Roulette.

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