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Casino Cashback Programs Reviewed | Gain an Edge?


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Let’s explore ‘Casino Cashback’. The concept that an online gambling site will offer a percentage back of stakes. Some do this on all bets – others just on losses. To clarify, the vast majority of sites do not offer this. So by using a casino that does – is it possible to gain an edge or at the very least significantly reduce losses over time?

Of course, the concept of cashback is not exclusive to the casino sites. Many portals offer a percentage back on virtually all purchases funded through affiliate programs. But with a casino it’s a little different. It’s value that makes a considerable difference to long term attainment.

An Example: Playing Blackjack or Roulette

The house edge of standard blackjack with perfect strategy is just 0.28% according to Wizard of Odds. Roulette is 2.70% assuming the European single zero game is used. Always avoid the American version as it’s significantly worse from the players perspective.

Sticking with blackjack specifically. If you play perfect strategy on either a live dealer or computer game version with normal rules you would expect to lose a small amount long term as the payout is just over 99%.

That’s the case at all major online casinos like Bet365, Betfair, Paddy Power etc (the list goes on). They generally fail to reward players for loyalty in any substantial way. They recruit with generous welcome offers but then expect you to stay. And who can blame them? Most do.

But let’s change the situation. All terms remain the same but instead your casino offers you 25% back on losses and 10% cashback even if you win (there is actually a casino that offers this). Of course there are terms to understand but the offer works exactly as described. Players can only qualify for one part of the cashback per week but let’s focus on the losses component. An individual could bet £100 on a standard online casino and get nothing if the hand lost. However with another casino they would get £25 back at the end of the week.

Casino Cashback Programs Reviewed | Gain an Edge?
Casino Cashback Programs Reviewed | Gain an Edge?

Summary: Always use Cashback Casinos

There’s really no downside. It’s just a reward program that (mainly) smaller casinos use to take business from the ‘big boys’. It’s make a significant difference to player EV – that’s Expected Value over time.

Casino games will never be a reliable method of making money but if you already place bets and player slots, roulette and blackjack – why not give yourself a little help?