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Casino Hold’em Casino Game Guide | How to Play Online, House Edge, Odds & Hints

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Online Casino Hold’em Casino Game Guide | How to Play

Casino Hold’em offers a similar experience to Texas Hold’em poker. It has the same rules in terms of hand strength but instead of being played heads up between two players or a group, its instead a single player against the dealer or ‘house’. Because of this, the players probability of winning is identical to the dealers at the start of each hand. As with poker, its simply a case of being dealt two cards and trying to make the strongest possible combination with the flop (the cards dealt in the middle that both the player and dealer can combination with their own cards to make the strongest five card set)

Casino Hold'em Online Guide

Casino Hold’em Online Guide | How to Play Hold’em


How to Play Casino Hold’Em Online:

1.) The player starts by placing chips on the ‘ante’ section of the table. This is similar to a blind in poker and it needs to be paid before the cards are dealt. The initial stake can be selected using the chips. The flop with then appear in online games. This will consist of three initial cards as shown in the image above. The dealer gets two cards and so does the player. You can only see your own cards, the dealers are revealed at the end only.

2.) After viewing the three cards and your own cards. Its then time to make a decision. Either ‘call’ or ‘fold’. Most players make the mistake of always calling. This will most likely lead to losses as it costs double your initial stake to make that call. For example, a wager of £10 would cost £20 to call. So the total bet is now £30.

3.) If the Player Chooses to Fold – The Hand will End. If a call is made, the remaining two cards are dealt (turn and river cards). The dealer then checks their hand the the person with the best poker hand wins.

Online Hold’Em Tips, Hints and Tricks:

> Only make a ‘Call’ if you have made either a pair, flush draw or straight draw with the initial three cards. If your willing to take more of a risk, its possible to call with just a high card (such as jack, queen, king or ace). Making a call with a weaker hand may work out occasionally, but most of the time its a poor decision considering the extra monetary risk required to make the call.

> Its also possible to place an additional bet in Hold’em. This is known as an ‘AA’ bet. It offers potentially huge payouts but the probability of winning is relatively low. For example, if the player gets a Royal Flush on their initial cards they get a payout of 100 to 1. This has happened for us once in thousands of hands, but it does add to the excitement. Lower hands also give a payout with this bet such as a straight, four of a kind and various others.

18+ Gamble Responsibly.