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Does the Martingale Strategy Work? | Roulette Strategy Expert Analysis, Tips & Profit Guide

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Does the Martingale Strategy Work?

The most popular and well-known Roulette Strategy has to be the ‘Martingale Strategy‘. The concept is simple, if a player loses with a spin, they increase their bet by a set increment each time (usually doubling) until they win, thus guaranteeing a small profit.

Can this actually work out for the player in the long term?

Table LimitsDoes the Martingale Strategy Work?

Mathematically, the Martingale Strategy is based on proven figures and does work for the majority of players who use it occasionally over the course of a few spins on roulette. If the player wins once, they are guaranteed to have made a profit assuming they are betting on an ‘even money’ selection such as red or black.

Table Limits are a significant hurdle to overcome though. Casinos, both physical and online implement limitations on how large the stake can be for each spin. The Martingale Strategy requires that the player doubles their stake following each loss so bet sizes can quickly escalate to significant amounts.

Its possible that the player will hit the table limit before they get the single required win, especially if the first bet stake if high and the table limit is low. To help nullify this problem, always play Roulette at a high table limit table such as at MoonGames.com/Roulette

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Martingale Roulette Strategy | Does it Work?

18+ Gamble Responsibly.