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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Online Roulette


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Roulette Games – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Betting Tips & Online Roulette Advice

General Roulette FAQ:

Question: Can I Make Money from Online Roulette?

Answer: Yes, it’s fairly realistic to expect to make money from betting on online roulette, assuming the player selects an outside bet such as red or black, where the probability of winning is just below fifty percent with each spin. We would always advise keeping your roulette sessions short as this negates the effect of the house edge. A single large bet on a single spin typically proves to be more successful than multiple smaller stake spins.

It’s always important to stick to a strict financial budget when playing online casino. We would advise selecting a set figure before playing, depositing that amount and then stopping regardless of if you win or lose. This helps the player stay in control – never try depositing additional funds purely to recover losses. If you think your online gambling could be becoming a problem for you, check out Gamble Aware for more information.


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The most popular Online Roulette Questions – Expert Answers

Probability & Odds FAQ:

Question: Does Roulette give a 50% chance of winning with an outside bet such as red / black or odds/evens?

Answer: No, with all online roulette games there is a ‘house edge’. This refers to the statistical advantage that the casino has with each spin. It’s relatively small on some types of roulette games such as La Partage European Roulette whereas on American Roulette it’s higher than 5%.

Almost all online casino sites offer European Roulette – we always suggest playing that as it will boost your chances of winning.

Online Roulette Reliability & Fairness:

Question: Is Online Roulette Fair? Or is it Fixed so players can’t win?

Answer: Credible casino websites have their roulette games externally tested so they are completely fair. You may find claims around the internet that they are ‘fixed or rigged’ – but in reality this isn’t true. The aforementioned house edge is what casino’s rely on for their profits.

If this subject interests you – take a look at our guide – Is Online Roulette Fixed?


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