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Fibonacci Roulette Strategy | Online Roulette System


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How the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Works – Step by Step Guide to Making Money with Online Roulette Games

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The Fibonacci strategy is a little more complex than say the Martingale; but the rewards can be worth it as this system offers more financial security (reduced risk). The basic concept is that the player must follow a specific betting pattern which involved adding the previous two stakes together to determine the next bet. In the context of roulette, the player must wager on an outside bet of either red, black, odd, even, 1-18 or 19-36 for this strategy to work.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Explainer Video:

The player must follow the process of adding the two previous stakes together and placing a new wager of that amount until they win. Then, two steps back are taken in the sequence to determine the next bet. Sound complicated? The example below should explain this better.

An Example of the Fibonacci System

Robert opens an Online Roulette game and places an initial stake on the outside bet of ‘1-18’. The value of this stake is £10

Here’s the Fibonacci pattern that he would follow given his starting stake:

£10  –>  £10  –>  £20  –>  £30  –>  £50 –>  £80  –>  £ 130  –>  £210  etc.

In this example, Robert’s first bet of £10 loses, so he progresses a long the pattern and bets again on ‘1-18’ with a stake of £10.

He loses again, so following the pattern he wagers £20 this time. Robert really is lacking any luck today and loses once again; so he bets again with a stake of £30 (still on the same selection)

He finally wins so gains a return of £60. But in this example, he’s had to stake £70 to get that win so he’s made a loss.

The key to this strategy is to move back two places in the sequence whenever a win occurs. So in this example Robert would move back to wagering £10. This strategy is not about making large profits quickly, it instead focuses on offering a ‘safe’ way of playing roulette where considerable losses are very unlikely.

By following this strategy, a player can make an immediate profit if they win with their initial bet. However, if they lose they will often be able to recover losses or even return to profit by following the Fibonacci system. 


Step 1.) Place your Starting Stake on the Roulette Table – it can be either Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18 or 19-36.

 The amount of the starting bet is flexible, but don’t make it that high as then hitting the table limit is possible (although the chance is low given the betting pattern). For first time users of this strategy, we advise starting with £1.

roulette table

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy – Step One – Place your First Bet on an Outside Selection. In this example, 1-18


Step 2.) Spin and Record the Result – Was it a Win or Loss? 

Remember to follow the pattern discussed earlier – as we started with a £1 wager – it would be the following in this example.

£1 (Initial Bet on 1-18)  –>  £1  –>  £2  –>  £3  –>  £5 –>  £8

A.) The First Bet on 1-18 Won? Whenever a win occurs, this strategy dictates the player moves back two spaces in the sequence. As we’ve just started, bet the first stake amount again which is £1 in this example.

B.) The Bet Lost? Following the Fibonacci strategy, move along one down the sequence, so the next bet would again be £1 on 1-18 or any other outside bet such as red or black – it doesn’t matter if you change half way through using the strategy. The stake is the important factor to control.

roulette strategy Fibonacci

Roulette Strategy Fibonacci – Step two – In this example the bet won, so move back two steps in the sequence. As we’ve just started this is still £1

Step 3.) Continue to Spin Following the Sequence

Just follow the pattern, with each win move two spaces back in the sequence and wager that amount. If a loss occurs keep moving along the sequence until a win occurs. Hitting the table limit is fairly unlikely with this strategy given it’s conservative nature.

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Advantage of the Fibonacci System

– Very low risk compared to other Roulette strategies with a decent chance of generating profit.

Disadvantage of the Fibonacci System

– It’s unlikely to make a large income for the player – it’s considered the safer option.

 RedBlackWin’s Exclusive Fibonacci Strategy Tips – Improve your Chance of Winning

Enhance your probability of winning by following these tips and hints with regard to using the Fibonacci system

  • Use a European Roulette Game with ‘La Partage’ – this reduces the house edge as the player receives a partial refund on green zero results.
  • Never start with a large stake as then it’s possible to hit the table limit fairly quickly.


Looking to try the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Online?

We advise using a casino site that offers quick and free deposits and withdrawals. In addition, offering the rare La Partage game is a considerable bonus as it will greatly improve your chances of winning long term with this strategy. The casinos shown offer these features – plus you can use it to try the strategy with free money first if you wish.

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