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Flat Betting | Roulette Strategy


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‘Flat Betting’ Roulette Strategy

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RedBlackWin.com offer many complex strategies that require lot’s of time and dedication to work effectively. Gambling is always meant to be a fun activity however, so we understand that many players want something more simple but that can still deliver good profits. In this article we’ll discuss the concept of ‘Flat Betting’ which could provide a solution for players falling into the aforementioned category.

Before Placing a Single Bet…

The number one most frequent error we see with online roulette players is their choice of game. Many people wrongly assume that all roulette games are the same in terms of their odds and payout percentage. The majority of bettors are aware that the European version is superior to the American offering as the house edge is lower, but it’s possible to improve your chances beyond this with a rarer variation of the infamous game.

– La Partage Roulette (or ‘French Roulette’ as it’s sometimes referred too) has the lowest house edge and highest Return to Player. We highly recommend playing this version of the game as your chances of making a profit are improved significantly.

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Step 1.) Place your initial Wager – select any Single Number you wish or an Outside Bet

The concept with flat betting is simple – keep your stake the same and remain consistent. It’s the polar opposite to progressive betting systems such as the Martingale Roulette Strategy. In this example, we’ll start with a £100 bet on ‘black’ with a return of evens.

roulette black £100 strategy

Flat Betting Roulette Strategy – An Initial wager of ‘Black’

Step 2.) Continue to Bet with the Same Stake and Selection

Either stick with the same selection or vary it between spins, the key is to never alter your stake (the amount wagered per spin). This gives the flat betting roulette strategy far less risk than a progressive system where a large bank and thus risk is required for success.

roulette strategy black win

In this example, the initial wager on black won giving a £200 return.

Advantages of ‘Flat Betting’ in Roulette

– It allows the player to keep control of their risk, unlike progressive systems where a large wager is often required to achieve a small profit. It will suit players who wish to relax while they play.

– It’s a simple strategy that will suit novice players, but still has the potential to deliver considerable profits

Disadvantage of ‘Flat Betting’ in Roulette

– The probability of making a profit is lower, in the short term, compared to a progressive strategy. For those with a smaller bankroll this system will definitely be the more appealing option however.

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