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Inside or Outside Bets? Roulette Betting


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Inside or Outside Bets? Roulette Analysis

Whether your playing in a real casino or an online game, the choice many face when playing roulette is whether to go for an inside bet and hope for a big return with a low chance of success, or the complete opposite with an outside bet going for a relatively small return in exchange for higher odds of winning.

Let’s start though by clarifying exactly what inside and outside bets are in the context of roulette.

Roulette inside and outside bets

Roulette Inside and Outside Bets Analysis – Which is the Best Option?

Inside Bets – this term refers to all the bets on the inner section of the table. If your betting on a single number then that would be an inside bet. They always have bigger returns (35/1 with the example of a straight bet) but a fairly low chance of winning. These types of bets appeal to those who like a high risk or simply want to experience the thrill of a big return in relation to their original stake.

Outside Bets – Red or Black, Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36. That’s the range of outside bets available. Each of them gives an even money return and has a 50% chance of winning minus the house edge. If your going to bet multiple times it can be wise to go with these bets as you’ll win significantly more frequently contrasted to the inside bet options (unless you cover a significant area of the inside table of course)

Which Option is the Best Choice? 

The ‘House Edge’  is a key concept when trying to answer this question. This refers to the advantage that the casino has with each type of bet. On American Roulette it is 5.26% on nearly all types of bets. On European Roulette it’s significantly lower than this. Check out our guide to getting the best possible odds with the La Partage version of the game.

Always avoid the bet that covers the first numbers and the green zero as this has the worst payout to risk ratio. Other than that, each type of wager has the same house edge.

If you enjoy risk chasing a big return then select an outside bet. If you wish to wager multiple times and win fairly regularly outside bets are suggested for you.

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