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Is Online Roulette Fair? The Truth from Industry Experts

Roulette is… Rigged, Fixed, Programmed to Make Players Lose. Sound familiar? If we had a pound for every time we’ve heard a statement like that, we’d be rich men. But it’s an important question that demands a serious response. Millions of pounds is wagered on these games; real people’s hard earned cash, so it’s important that these games are fair. Our findings focus on players using casino websites from the United Kingdom, one of the best countries in terms of player protection when using these gambling services online.

Online Casino Websites Make Huge Profits – How can people be winning on their Roulette Games if that’s the case?

In a word, the ‘House Edge’ (okay, two words). In most cases, especially for licensed casino websites, their games are fair. In other words, they use a random number generator that produces an outcome with each spin that isn’t known to either the player or casino prior to the result. It’s important to differentiate between online roulette games being fair and how the results of each spin is decided.

In any online roulette game, when you spin the outcome is decided at that point. The ball spinning and landing on the wheel is simply a visual representation of this result, nothing that you see such as the speed of the spin or the way the ball bounces around numerous pockets has anything to do with the actual result that’s recorded.

RNG Random Number Generator - Is Online Roulette Fair Statistically?

How the Outcome of a Spin is Decided in Online Roulette? Random Number Generators (RNG) provide a fair solution for both the player and casino.

Many people we’ve told this to respond with something along the lines of ‘Proof! Online Roulette games are fixed’. However, in reality the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) is actually the best a player could hope for in terms of fairness. Neither party can influence the result and the games creators must allow their creations to be vigorously tested and verified for statistical equality prior to them becoming available on casino websites. This is the case for all casino websites operating in the United Kingdom as they are regulated by the Gambling Commission. This organization has significant power over the industry as they aim to achieve their objective of ‘Keeping Gambling Fair and Safe for All’

By it’s very design, a roulette game gives the casino an advantage – this is no secret though, it’s the big green pocket on the wheel (zero) on the European version. A casino makes money from these games by having a large volume of bets each day. This means they are virtually guaranteed to make a profit of around 2-3% of total bets. Many individual players will make huge winnings from roulette games – it’s not impossible to score large profits. The key is to walk away if you do, by playing more frequently the house edge will come into play more.

Contrary to widespread belief, a casino doesn’t fear a player making big money on their roulette games. They know that with their table limits and house edge, they will make a profit overall across all the spins throughout a year. An individual result does not matter to a large company.

That’s why claims they use secret systems to force a player to lose simply isn’t true. A Roulette game will make a casino a steady, reliable profit over time, but they rely more on their other offering such as slot machines where the vast majority of their profits are sourced from.

Casino Licensing, Compliance & Regulation – How Legislation Protects Players from the United Kingdom

The Gambling Commission is a highly influential organization. They don’t reward companies with licenses without thought, their is an extensive process involved which includes verification that their selection of games are statistically fair. Essentially, if your playing online roulette on a casino website with a license from the gambling commission, then you can be sure they are going to be fair.

Never trust a website just because they claim to have a license however. Simply record the company name and head over to the license database search on the official commission website. Input the name of the casino website and they should appear in the results section. This is a quick yet efficient way of not only checking their games are fair, but also that they are will process payments in a timely manner – so if you are lucky enough to win, your withdrawals will be with you within a reasonable time frame.

Safest Online Casino’s Offering Roulette Games – Each Company Listed has an Active License (it’s by no means an exhaustive list)

Mr Green Limitedwww.mrgreen.com – offering a large collection of roulette games including the European and French variants. License holders and their website is fully verified. All games are statistically fair and winnings are paid out within a few days. Go to our Mr Green Review for more information.

International Casino Websites – Do they offer similar Player Protection?

There are many casino websites out there that should never be trusted with your money, however it’s not only websites that are regulated. Within Europe most sites are safe. But as the approach from the UK Gambling commission is one of the best in the world in terms of player protection, it’s best to use a site that holds one of their licenses such as the aforementioned sites.

These companies accept registrations from all over the world, not just the UK, and by registering with them you are guaranteed a fair game regardless of the country where you personally reside as all their games will have been tested thoroughly in order to obtain the license.

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