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The ‘James Bond’ Roulette Strategy – How it Works and our Exclusive Refinements


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During our Testing of this ‘James Bond’ Roulette Strategy we started with £1000 and finished with £1210 after completing the steps below. See the James Bond Roulette Strategy Video or view the detailed stages in the article below.

‘James Bond’ Roulette Strategy – How it Works

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Step 1.) A Starting Balance of £100 is ideal for this Strategy, although it can be scaled to fit all budgets.

The main objective with this strategy is to cover a large number of outcomes in such a way that will still guarantee a profit with each win. The only losses occur when a low number result appears.

Step 2.) Place the Following Chips – £5 on Green Zero, £70 on 19-36 and £25 on the Six Number Combination of 13-18

The total stake with each spin will be £100 which can seem like a significant risk but remember that a large number of outcomes are covered. With each spin, the probability of winning is approximately 64%.

James Bond Roulette Strategy and System

James Bond Roulette Strategy – An Example of the Betting Structure Required

Step 3.) Making a Profit – Spin the Wheel

As with all Roulette Strategies, it’s important to consider all potential outcomes and the result it would mean from the players perspective (i.e either a win, loss or breaking even). See below for details of all possible results.

The Spin Result is …

Any Number from 19-36

In this situation, the player would get a return of £140 resulting in a profit of £40.

The Six Number Combination of 13-18

The profit for one of these numbers would be £50 as the total payout would be £150 minus the initial stake.

Green Zero

The player would get a return of £180, meaning a £80 profit considering the starting stake. Plus, if the player is using a Roulette game with the ‘La Partage’ rule, they would also receive a credit of half of their outside bet stakes. So the £70 bet on 19-36 would return £35, giving a total profit of £115. Find out where you can Play La Partage Online

A Number from 1-12

These results are the only situation in which a loss would occur, if this happens simply employ the Martingale Strategy and double your stake. As with each spin the odds are on your side to win, this can prove efficient especially in the short term.

How to use the ‘James Bond’ Roulette Strategy:

Follow the simple steps below to make real money from this method

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3.) Repeat the James Bond Roulette System steps listed below. All systems provided by RedBlackWin.com are tested and verified to be profitable.