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Large Single or Multiple Small Wagers? Roulette & Blackjack FAQ

18+ Gamble Responsibly.

A key choice when playing any popular casino game – from roulette to blackjack, is whether or not a large ‘all in’ style bet is a superior option when compared to the alternative multiple smaller wagers.7

For example, if playing online, an individual may deposit £100 into their account. Should they do a a single bet with the entire amount or instead opt to wager smaller segments of that money, such as £5 each spin or hand.

Crucially, we aim to answer the question – which option gives the best chance of making money from the players perspective? Many believe it makes no difference, however there is solid evidence to suggest this choice could make a big difference to the amount won or lost during the casino session.

‘Spreading the Stake’ – Multiple Smaller Bets

This is the option the vast majority of players opt for, especially in a real casino (as opposed to an online offering). Firstly, it allows the individual to enjoy the experience of playing for longer. The thought of losing everything in a few seconds is a scary thought for most people which is understandable, but choosing to bet smaller amounts doesn’t improve the chances of making a profit. In fact it does the opposite as the longer a person players for, the greater the effect of the house edge is (it becomes amplified if there are hundreds of spins on roulette for example)

Advantages of this Method

– It allows the player to enjoy the gaming experience as they can play for longer rather than either winning or losing everything instantaneously. Gambling is meant to be fun, never expect to make money consistently over time.

– The Amount Risked (wagered) is considerably lower with each hand allowing the player to walk away with only a small loss if thing’s don’t go their way. It’s rare to see players do this however, which is why casinos make so much money. Remember, it’s not possible to make a profit with each casino session, don’t chase losses. It’s best to simply quit with a small loss than risk everything just to have a chance of making their original money back.

Disadvantage of this Method

– Playing many different rounds/spins/hands of casino games such as blackjack, roulette or craps means the house edge built into these games is amplified – essentially meaning the edge the house has is greater and your chance of making a profit is reduced slightly compared to betting everything in one go.

‘All In’ – Single Large Bet on a Individual Spin or Hand

The alternative to that discussed above is to (first take a deep breath) then wager all your stake in one go. From a statistical perspective, this is the best option, but it requires the individual to adopt a very disciplined approach. If a loss occurs, the player must walk away and try again with the same technique later.

For those who chase losses or who’s immediate reaction would be to wager more to recover the initial loss, we highly recommend checking out this article. Having that approach to gambling can have dangerous consequences.

Advantages of this Method

– Betting everything in one go reduces the effect of the house edge, your chance of winning in reality is very close to 50% using this technique (on a game such as blackjack or an even money outside bet on roulette)

– It gives players a great chance of doubling their money and making a large profit. But if this occurs, the player must cash in or withdraw. Placing further bets ruins the whole concept and will most likely lead to losses.

Disadvantage of this Method

– It’s fairly likely (just over 50% of cases) that all the stake will be lost, but that’s the case with all gambling games. The casino always has an edge. Although it can seem painful to risk everything in one go, players that adopt this technique are likely to fair better long term, simply because they have played less spins/hands and this negates the house edge affect.

Try one of our Roulette Strategies to increase your chances of Making a Profit. We like to be open and transparent at RedBlackWin. The casino will always have an edge, we don’t pretend to have a secret system or technique that guarantees wins.

Instead we offer betting/staking patterns that increase your chance of profitability both long and short term.


18+ Gamble Responsibly.