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Live Roulette – What are the Benefits?


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An increasingly popular type of online roulette is the ‘live’ offering where a wheel and dealer and streamed in real time, allowing the player to get a similar experience to a real casino from the comfort of their own home. This already sounds like a commercial, but rest assured we’ll be looking at both the positives and negatives of this type of roulette.

Is Live Roulette Better? (compared to standard games)

For players seeking an authentic experience that’s close to replicating a real casino, it is definitely the best option. However, the most important factor to most people is their chances of winning. Live Roulette is normally the European variation with a single zero, which is good, certainly when compared to the American version anyway.

But if making money is the number one priority for you, we highly suggest playing a type of roulette that currently is unavailable in the ‘live’ format – La Partage. This offers the highest payout and lowest house edge of any roulette game available online as the rules differ slightly.

Roulette can be appealing for reasons other than just the potential winnings though. In a real casino it can be a fun and social experience, but this element is often overlooked. The live roulette games online keep this social element as players can normally interact with the dealer via a chat.

From our experience, we must admit some dealers are as boring as watching paint dry, so chatting with them might not be the best idea. However, equally many are happy and sociable people that can really enhance the gaming experience making it significantly more enjoyable.

live roulette review

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Live Roulette – Key Advantages

  • The European Roulette game is the standard for Live Roulette, meaning the house edge is fairly low and the chances of winning are moderately high.
  • Interacting with the Dealer through the chat can make the game more fun and sociable.
  • Regular Players are normally remembered by good live dealers; allowing the player to have great conversations or maybe even try and persuade the dealer to help the ball land in their favor! ( although this is far from concrete evidence, we have found many dealers who seem to have an uncanny skill of making your number come up far more regularly than the average)


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