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Lottery Syndicates: Your Best Bet?

Virtually every country around the world now has their own respective lottery draw. The structure and rules may vary slightly but the basic premise is consistent. Players pay a small fee in exchange for a chance at winning life changing jackpot prizes. Despite the long odds; a high percentage of the world population play draws of this nature regularly.

Most players engage in these lottery draws as individuals. In other words they purchase tickets on their own and hope to get incredibly lucky to take home the entire prize themselves. However a relatively new concept can greatly improve the chances of winning the jackpot.

This article will explore ‘Lottery Syndicates‘ including the benefits to players and potentially any downsides when compared to playing on your own. Let’s start by looking at specifically what a lottery syndicate is for those new to the concept.

Definition: Lottery Syndicate

Playing Lottery draw games as a group allowing the purchase of a larger number of entries (tickets) whilst keeping the cost per player low as the expense in spread out across all members. Having more tickets means the odds of winning prizes are greatly increased and consequently many jackpot winners are syndicate groups whom player a group or friends or work colleagues.

How Does a Lottery Syndicate Work?

Lottery players join together and enter the draws as one collective group. All expenses (i.e ticket costs) and winnings are shared equally between members. There are various websites that offer syndicate services thus removing the administrative tasks needed to manually manage a syndicate.

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Lottery Syndicate: 1 in 4 Jackpots are now won by groups of players rather than individuals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I still pick my own numbers?

A:  Syndicates are essentially a way for groups of players to pool their funds together. This allows them to purchase more tickets and thus have a greater chance of winning. Individual numbers can still be selected it just depends who purchases the actual tickets on behalf of the syndicate – normally the manager.

Syndicate companies such as TheLotter.com do not normally offer the option to pick numbers individually but rather sell shares to customers.

Q: What are the Benefits of Joining a Syndicate?

A:  Playing any lottery game as an individual means the odds of hitting jackpot prizes are astronomically low. The Euromillions lottery has odds of just 1 in 116,531,800 for example. By playing in a syndicate the chances of winning are increased significantly because of the increased number combinations entered into each draw.

Syndicates allow friends, family, work colleagues and others to combine their odds. Jackpots are so large in most draws that having to share the prize as a group isn’t a problem. It will still be a multi-million windfall for each syndicate member.

How to Join a Syndicate: Visit TheLotter which offer these services and also the option to buy individual tickets for all lotteries around the world.

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Lottery Syndicate: Expert Guide