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Millionaire Genie Jackpot Slot Game | Payout, Odds of Winning, How to Play, Scatter & Bonus


Game Synopsis: 888Casino.com present one of the most popular slot machines in online gaming. What makes it so appealing? The clues in the name, it is one of only a handful of games that can turn a player into a millionaire with a single spin. The Jackpot is progressive meaning the monetary amount varies; on average it’s typically around the £2,000.000 mark. Not too shabby, huh?

millionaire genie slot review

How to Play the Millionaire Genie Slot Game

1.) Open an Account with 888 Casino.

2.) As with all slot machines, it’s simply a case of selecting the lines and bet stake and then spinning the reels. The game will then automatically determine if you are a winner or not and pay out accordingly (based on the per-determined values in the games pay table).

It’s important to remember that with jackpot slot machine games, a certain sized bet is required in order to be eligible for the jackpot. For UK Based players, this figure is £1.50 or greater. For players in other countries it is the same amount but their currency’s equivalent.

3.) The Jackpot is awarded completely randomly, so it’s possible to win on a spin that would have otherwise lost. The reel combinations are only used to determine the smaller prizes, it’s the Genie himself who selects the winner. Imagine the excitement seeing him open the chest and your account being credited with a life changing sum of money.

Payout Percentage / Return to Player / Odds of Winning Millionaire Genie

The most important statistic to consider when looking at casino games is either the Payout Percentage or Return to Player (RTP). These figures give a clear summary of the probability of winning overall the long term. It’s a particularly useful figure for comparing similar games with each other. Why play a game that has a lower overall payout when they are better alternatives?

Millionaire Genie has a Return to Player (RTP) estimated at 95%. So if a player wagered £1000, they would expect to get £950 back on average. In reality, it’s unlikely to work out at exactly that figure, but over a large quantity of spins it should be close.

To put that RTP figure into context, it’s a little lower than Roulette and Blackjack, but this is countered by the fact a huge jackpot is possible in this slot machine. Millionaire Genie is now available at multiple casino’s who each set the game to payout at different rates.

888.com/Genie offers the Highest Overall Payout

Millionaire Genie Jackpot Odds | How to Win the Millionaire Genie Jackpot

As mentioned earlier in this review, the jackpot prize is awarded randomly and does not correlate with a spin result. Assuming the player bets the required amount (estimated to be around £1.50 or other currency equivalent) then each and every spin gives a chance of awarding the main jackpot prize which typically ranges between £1,000,000 – £5,000,000). The exact probability of winning is difficult to determine as the casinos offering the game do not publish this information. However, RedBlackWin were able to obtain information about the total number of winners and average paid spins per month. Based on this, its certainly better than the odds of winning a lottery jackpot yet the prize pool is very similar. Higher Bets give a greater probability of hitting the jackpot.

Millionaire Genie Loophole: Is there a way to Cheat?

Random Logic build the software that runs the Millionaire Genie slot game. As with all digital slot machines, the outcome is decided immediately after the spin is confirmed. The visual spins players see if just a representation of this outcome. Consequently there is no way to cheat the game and any sites or individuals claiming to have found a ‘Millionaire Genie loophole’ are likely to be a scam or trying to sell a system.

Recent Winner of the Millionaire Genie Jackpot

Name: Norm  Country: UK    Amount Won: £2,400,000

“The numbers in my account balance just kept spinning…the Christmas presents will be a little bigger this year. My family and friends didn’t believe my at first” Norm, UK (Winner of Millionaire Genie Jackpot)

Play Millionaire Genie | Current Jackpot: £1,200,000

Bonus Round Feature: Genie’s Palace

If three bonus symbols appear after a single spin then the ‘Genie’s Palace’ bonus game is triggered. This transports the player from the reels to a separate mini-game with huge potential payouts. The player must first select a belly dancer and then a magical goblet. Each one of these choices has a different prize. The maximum payout if achieved if the ‘x4’ dancer is selected and then subsequently the ‘x20’ goblet in the next step. 

In the example below; a £7.50 spin returned a profit of £600 during the bonus round | Play Millionaire Genie to trigger your own bonus win.

How the Millionaire Genie Bonus Game Works:

Player matches 3 Symbols 

Genie Bonus Symbols | Genie's Palace

Bonus Symbols | Genie’s Palace Game

❷ Choose a Belly Dancer (3 Choices Available)

Belly Dancer Millionaire Genie

Belly Dancer | Genie’s Palace Game

❸ Select a Goblet (6 Choices Available)

golden goblet millionaire genie slot

Golden Goblet | Genie’s Palace Game

❹ Congratulations! Winnings are Credited

millionaire genie bonus round win

Scatter Free Spins Clip | Watch Millionaire Genie Video

If the player matches three of the scatter symbols, free spins are awarded as the clip shows

Game Interface & Graphics

Millionaire Genie is certainly pleasing aesthetically with a large range of animations and interactions with the Genie during play. We think you’ll struggle to find another slot machine where so much time and effort has been put into the design and general visual appearance. This is an important factor that’s often overlooked, it really enhances the game-play experience.

Millionaire Genie Review

Millionaire Genie Graphics – The Millionaire Genie User Interface (UI)

Advantages of Millionaire Genie

– A Life Changing Jackpot that frequently reaches the multimillion mark. Winning on a game like Roulette will give you money to buy dinner out, a jackpot win of this game will pay for a new house, car and more besides.

– Superb graphics and intuitive game play. It also offers bonus rounds so there are large potential wins aside from the jackpot itself. The overall payout is higher than the average for a slot machine offering such a big jackpot.

Disadvantage of Millionaire Genie

– Millionaire Genie is not currently available on Mobile Devices such as Smartphones or Tablets. It must be played on Desktop PC’s or Macs. We assume a mobile compatible version is in development considering the popularity of this slot game.

Update (September 2015): Millionaire Genie is now available on mobile devices but with limited visuals and graphics. RedBlackWin suggest playing the desktop version for the full experience.

Where to Play ‘Millionaire Genie’

This game is only available in the European market at casino’s part of the 888 Group such as Moon Games. Fortunately, they happen to be a great casino site anyway, with generous welcome bonuses and free spins in addition to first rate customer support.

The Milllionaire Genie game is available in most countries worldwide and in multiple other currencies other than GBP (£) such as Euro (€) and Dollars ($). Find out more about this slot game – Millionaire Genie Infographic

Simply Open a 888 Games Account and select your country and preferred currency during registration.

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