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Multiplayer Roulette | Game Review

18+ Gamble Responsibly.

What is Multiplayer Roulette? Roulette may still be one of the most popular casino games, however one factor that deterred many was the lack of social interaction when playing. For example, if your playing Blackjack in a casino, all players sit at the same table and face the same dealer cards each turn. This leads to a more interactive experience where players can congratulate each other on wins or even give advice as to which decision to make.

But with Roulette, it’s more of an individual experience, it’s your bet and your spin that decides the result, especially when playing online. However, a leading game design company has created a solution to this problem in the form of a new game called ‘Multiplayer Roulette’


What Features does the Game offer Players?

The Multiplayer Roulette game comes with various options that set it aside from standard casino games, focusing on the social aspects of gameplay. We’ve had team speak communication in video games for years, why not options to let players interact in the gambling industries gaming experiences too?

– Chat Box – interact with other players through text chat directly within the game user interface

– See All Players Winnings – meet new people, make friends and most of all get the obligatory (and perhaps slightly envious) congratulations when you win.

– Select the Time you want between Spins (20 Seconds, 40 Seconds of 1 Minute). Select a pace that your comfortable with; it’s the first roulette game to come with this level of customization.

Design, Graphs and User Experience

Let’s cut to the chase, this game isn’t going to win any awards for it’s visual appearance. There’s far better looking games from a design perspective, but that’s not too important in this case. Players will be drawn to this game because of the fact it brings something new to the roulette experience online – social interaction. The goal of all gambling should always be to have fun, being able to chat with others helps many achieve this objective.

Multiplayer roulette review design

Multiplayer Roulette Review – The Standard User Interface including Chat area, Player profiles, Past Results and Spin timer.

If asked to describe the interface in a word, ‘functional’ would be the best fit. It has everything required, it’s intuitive to use all the main features and the graphics are sufficient but certainly nothing revolutionary in the industry.

Placing a bet is quick and simply, obviously this is the most important part of any gambling game as it allows players to wager on their selection efficiently without making any errors.

Summary – What do RedBlackWin think of the Multiplayer Roulette Game?

The concept is great, but the execution could be better. We where disappointed by the lack of attention to detail, especially in the graphics and interface design. Having said this, the game works reliably, we had no technical issues over days of testing. The chat function, countdown timer and results history sections bring something new to the online roulette experience. This game is highly recommended to roulette players something for something a little different to spice up their casino fun.

Where to Play Multiplayer Roulette

Multiplayer Roulette is a fairly new game, but many casinos have already began operating it. Players within Europe will be able to access it easily, however we where unable to find an option for American players at this time.

Multiplayer Roulette Review
18+ Gamble Responsibly.