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Quit while your Ahead | Roulette Strategy

18+ Gamble Responsibly.

RedBlackWin helps many people increase their chances of winning with online roulette games, for example by using on of our diverse range of strategies. But an equally important concept is financial discipline.

We receive countless messages from people stating stories of woe. Just take a look at these real examples.

‘I followed your strategy, it worked well at first i was £500 in profit but i kept going then lost it all’

‘Tried the All Bases Covered, made a decent amount but lost it in one go at the end’

‘The Martingale worked well at first but when I kept going it ended up losing me money’

Unfortunately, there’s no polite way of putting this. The only thing that connects these three people is greed and lack of discipline. But they are far from alone, it’s one of the biggest problems from a players perspective.

The Best Advice you’ll ever Receive – Quit while your Ahead

The Roulette game is launched. A £10 bet is placed on black and it comes up. You now have a good profit but a very high percentage of players keep betting again and again until their funds dry up.

Being able to force yourself to stop and withdraw the money can be fairly hard, but if you can’t do this then the best choice is to simply stop gambling and profit is going to be virtually impossible for you to attain.

The problem with frequent betting (i.e wagering repeatedly in quick succession) is that this amplifies the affect of the house edge – that’s the built in advantage the casino has with each of their games.

Try betting a larger amount in one go and then withdraw if you win or quit if you lose.

18+ Gamble Responsibly.