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Online Casino Roulette Bonuses – Are they Worth Using? | Roulette Facts

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Roulette Bonuses – Are they Worth Using? | Roulette Facts

100% First Deposit Bonus, £200 Free, 50 Free Spins – Sound Familiar? Offers like this are everywhere online, some sound almost too good to be true, whereas others sound a little more realistic. In this guide, we aim to sort the genuine offers from the scams so you can only use the casino bonuses that will actually give you a real money boost when you join a new casino roulette website.

Online Roulette Bonuses - Are they worth it?

Online Casino Roulette Bonuses – An Elaborate Scam to recruit new players or genuinely worth it?


The key to evaluating these offers is to sift through the pages of terms and conditions that accompany each of them – fortunately we’ve done this for you. To summarize our findings, we’ve included a list of the main elements to watch out for:

  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. First deposit casino or roulette bonuses are a particularly worrying offer as they almost always carry a ‘rollover requirement’ with them. This essentially means that before you can withdraw either the bonus or the real money you deposited, you must first play through the funds a set number of times. On some casino websites the requirement is almost unbelievable. One site we discovered required the player to wager £1000 just to be able to withdraw a £20 (£10 Deposit & £10 Bonus). Needless to say, don’t touch these offers with a ten foot barge pole.
  • Not all Welcome Bonuses, Free Spins and Free Bets are Scams. Many reputable online casino’s have offers that are genuinely worth taking advantage of from the customers perspective. Although they will still have rollover requirements, they will be more realistic. For example a £10 bonus may require the player to bet £30 before withdrawal. This type of offer is worth taking advantage of. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for smaller monetary offers where the funds are actually free with no rollover requirement at all.
  • Look for a Roulette Bonus Offer that doesn’t tie in your initial deposit. On many casino websites, if you accept the bonus this locks in your initial real money deposit too. So you have to play through both your deposit and the bonus funds to be able to make a withdrawal. We strongly advise against these using these offers as it can equate to essentially throwing money away (as even if you win initially, there will still be huge rollover requirements left to fulfill, meaning in all likelihood, you will end up with no money left by the time you are actually able to make a withdrawal)

Before accepting any casino offer when signing up – whether its a free bet or deposit bonus, always remember to read through the terms and conditions and have a full understand of how the offer works. Most of these sites will have a live chat feature available, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to get the details of these bonuses clarified first before using them. It could save you a considerable amount of money.

Our Approved Online Casino Roulette Bonuses, Free Bets & Promotions:

All the offers below have our stamp of approval, meaning we have checked the terms and conditions and how the offer works. We found the rollover requirement is fair not unattainable and that the offer is actually of value to the player not just a recruitment tool for the casino.

Mr Green – £350 Welcome Bonus


18+ Gamble Responsibly.