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Should Players Tip Live Casino Dealers?


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When playing Live Casino games, it’s now common to see a small section of the table which allows players to leave the dealer a monetary reward or ‘tip’. The question is, should players use this function? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Should Players Tip Live Casino Dealers?

RedBlackWin.com Guide: Should Players Tip Live Casino Dealers?

On the surface, the concept of tipping a dealer is very simple. It’s a well known fact that most employees of casinos, particularly online offerings, are paid fairly low wages and as such would be very appreciative of occasional boosts.

When a player provides the dealer with a tip, it’s considered a kind gesture and something that should be encouraged in our view. The objective of playing any casino game should also be primarily to have fun and a live dealer can be a big part of that especially when there are ways of interacting with them socially (such as through a chat)

Pros of Live Dealer Tipping

It gives the opportunity to reward casino employees that enhance your online gambling experience. Reserve your tips for dealers that are warm, friendly and helpful if you face any issues while playing.

Your tip, even if it’s relatively small, is likely to be greatly appreciated given the fact their salary is typically low. Plus it can be rewarding for the player too.

Cons of Live Dealer Tipping

In rare cases, especially in the less reputable side of the gambling industry, the tips are actually going in part or even in full to the casino owners rather than the employees themselves. Fortunately this isn’t the case for most online casinos though, but it’s worth playing at a larger, trusted site for this reason and many others.

Whether it’s Roulette, Blackjack or Casino Hold Em’ – the house already has an advantage. By giving away tips, you are reducing your chance of making a profit further beyond this casino edge. For this reason, we only recommend leaving a dealer tip if you can either afford to or after a winning streak.