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Slot Games vs Online Roulette | Detailed Comparison

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Slot Games vs Online Roulette | Detailed Comparison – Which Offers the Best Experience and Odds of Winning?

Online Casinos offer a vast array of gaming opportunities – from blackjack and poker to roulette and slot machines. There’s a game for everyone with themes based on celebrities, sports, TV Shows, Movies and countless others. This choice is great – but for those of us interested in the important figures such as the Game Payout, the probability of winning and the Return to Player (RTP) – our work has become a little more complex. In this article; we aim to compare two of the most popular games in online casinos – Online Roulette & Slot Machines.

Roulette – Simple & Dull or Thrilling & Engaging?

It may be one of the oldest casino games, originating from back in the 18th Century, but it still remains as one of the most popular online casino games even today. What are the reason’s for this? It’s simple to play, there are no complex rules to understand. Secondly, the probability of winning is fairly high especially on outside bets such as red or black. These two elements combined make the game of online roulette appealing to millions of players each year.

is online roulette fixed?

Are Online Slot Machines a quick way to lose money or do they offer something genuinely worthwhile?

The Good Side of Online Roulette

– Anyone can play the game as it doesn’t carry the burden of complex rules such as other casino games like Poker. There are many different ways to bet on the spin outcome, so it rarely becomes repetitive

– The house edge (the statistical bias the game has in favor of the casino) is relatively low compared to some other games – with the exception of American Roulette where the casino has a considerable advantage. European La Partage Roulette offers a house edge below two percent, we’d always advise playing this type of online roulette game as opposed to any other.

– It’s a genuinely exciting game – the anticipation waiting for the ball to land can be almost as enjoyable as the win itself (we must emphasize the word ‘almost’ there)

– There are many types of Online Roulette games available today – from games with numerous wheels to special bonus prizes available to help keep the experience fresh and exciting

The Bad Side of Online Roulette

– There are casino games available with a lower house edge – as a general rule the harder a game is to play (the more skill and knowledge required), the lower the casino advantage is from a statistical point of view.

– For undisciplined players Roulette can be a highly addictive game where the potential for losses are high. This isn’t always the case, but chasing losses or having a poor understanding of concept such as statistical independence can lead to problems – for example, an individual may think that just because ten black results have appeared in a row, that the next result has to be red.

Online Slots – Addictive & Time Wasting or Exciting & Profitable

Slot machine games have been the core income for casinos for many years – but now the world of online casino’s have taken the experience to a new level with thousands of different themes, bonus features and new concepts.

The result is simple – the gaming experience of online slots is great. They are visually and graphically stunning and can offer many hours of enjoyment. However, slot machines aren’t without their disadvantages. If they are the main source of income for casinos that can only mean one thing – players are losing, and losing frequently. We delved into this a little further and found there is huge variation throughout the industry in terms of the house edge and payout percentage.

The first important element to understand is that it’s the game creators that decide the payout not the casino’s. They are only occasionally asked to publish the figures so there’s a strong degree of secrecy within the industry and lack of information for players. As an average, on the main UK casino websites, a slot machine typically pays out around 93-97% – this isn’t terrible, but certain types of online roulette offer a better figure than this.

The Good Side of Online Slot Machines

– Slot machines are simple to play. There’s a huge range of different games available – with themes to interest all types of players covering movies, TV Shows, Sports, Fairy Tales and more.

– Some slot machines offer large jackpots – although the probability of winning is obviously low, it adds an extra element of excitement to the game-play – and we can’t argue that real players do win amounts in the millions each year on these games.

The Bad Side of Online Slot Machines

– The Payout Percentage is slightly lower than most other casino games – including Roulette. This mean’s on average, you’d expect to lose money playing these games whereas on other casino games your fortunes should be better.

– They can be addictive – extensive research found they are considerably more likely to cause gambling issues compared to other casino games.

Roulette or Online SlotsWhich is the Better Option Overall?

As we’ve illustrated above; each option has it’s own advantages. But the most important element to the majority of online game players is – what’s the probability of winning? With this in mind, Online Roulette comes out on top – especially if you play La Partage roulette as this has a very low house edge and high payout percentage.

Casino Game Comparison La Partage Roulette European Roulette Slot Machines
Payout Percentage 98.65% 97.5% 92-97% (Average)

RedBlackWin.com’s Main Recommendation – Online Roulette is the best choice as it offers a higher payout percentage and favors the casino less than the vast majority of slot machine games.

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