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The Great Optimist Roulette Strategy | Only Available from RedBlackWin.com


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RedBlackWin’s Exclusive ”The Great Optimist’ Strategy Works – Step by Step Guide

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This Roulette Strategy has high risk but very large rewards – it was initially developed from the foundation offered by the Martingale Strategy however it offers significantly larger potential returns. Discover the steps required for this roulette strategy below.

‘The Great Optimist’ Strategy Preparation – Important Information – Read Before Using this Strategy

There’s a some simple steps that any roulette player can use to significantly increase their chances of making a money, not just with this particular strategy but also with any type of roulette wager generally. Why not complete these two quick steps first to boost your chances.

– Launch a Free Roulette Game (with play money) to Practice the Strategy first before risking real funds. RedBlackWin offer our own Play Money Roulette Game – please feel free to use it. The link will open in a new tab so you’ll still be able to read the strategy details on this page.

– Playing with Real Money? Use the La Partage Game offered by Moon Games (Registration Required). This game has a house edge below 2% which will make a big difference to your long term projected profit compared to playing on a typical online roulette game.

Simply follow these simple steps to use ‘The Great Optimist’ Strategy – it will greatly increase your chances of making a profit

Stage One (1) – Place a Wager on either Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18 or 19-36

Your first bet can be on any option on the outside of the table offering a ‘double money’ return. To give an example of using this strategy, we’ve selected the black bet. The stake you start with can be anything you like, however we advise making it relatively low – for example £5

roulette strategy - bet on black

‘The Great Optimist’ Roulette Strategy – an initial wager on ‘Black’ of a £5 stake


Step Two (2) – Follow the Two Simple Rules (Win = Bet the Same Again  or Loss = Triple your Stake)

The concept is very simple, if your initial bet wins, simple place an identical bet again with the same stake. So in our example, it would be another £5 wager on black.

However; if that first wager loses, triple the stake and bet again. So we’d bet £15 on black for our next spin if our first result was a loss.

Repeat this process, so another loss would be mean the next bet would be £45 (3 x £15), once the player wins revert to your starting stake.

Roulette Strategy Black

In this example, our initial £5 Black Bet won, so we place an identical bet and spin again.

Roulette Strategy Red

Alternatively if the Red Result Appears, a loss would occur. So our next bet would be tripled, so £15 (3x£5). Continue this pattern for each win or loss.

The ‘The Great Optimist’  Roulette Strategy in Action 

Chloe opens a Roulette game and places her initial bet on 19-36 – her stake is £10 for this first spin.

The result is 10 black so she’s loses her stake. Following the Strategy, Chloe triples her bet to £30 and bets on 19-36 again. She has bad luck and loses once more. Again, following the steps, she triples her stake to £90 for the next spin.

She wins on the third attempt as the result is 31 black. Her return for this spin is £180 (£90 Profit). She’s only spent a total of £130 (£10 for the first bet, £30 for the second and the final winning wager of £90)

So her profit for this session is £50. Even if she had lost a few more times, as long as she finally gets a single win, she’ll end with a profit – considering the odds for winning on each spin are close to 50% this is very likely.

If Chloe wished to continue betting, she’ll start again by reverting to her initial stake of £10.

Advantage of the ‘The Great Optimist’ Strategy

–  A single winning bet will result in a profit and with a probability close to 50% with each spin, this is a mathematically sound strategy.

– A very high chance of profit in the short term particularly.

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