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The Invisible Man Slot Machine | Featured Game Review

18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Game Synopsis: Based on the cult 1933 film ‘The Invisible Man’, this slot machine game is a class act mainly because of it’s focus on storyline, graphics, cinematic sequences, bonus games and of course it’s distinctive soundtrack. This is by far the most engaging slot game we’ve played this year.

The complete version of the game, including a cinematic introduction and various other features, is available to play on desktop computers only. However, there is also a ‘touch’ version that’s compatible with all of the latest smartphones and tablets. Even this version features some great bonus rounds and visual effects.

The Invisible Man Slot Machine Review

The Invisible Man Slot Machine – The Games Starting Screen on Desktop PC. The game reflects the mood and atmosphere generated by the original movie.

How to Play The Invisible Man Slot Machine

Simply specify the coin value and bet per line and then press the spin button. The controls and user interface are clean and simple; even first time players should find it easy to play. Aside from the basics, it also features some extra options such as ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Max Bet’.

These tools allow players to easily wager the maximum possible in a single click with the later option, the former prevents the need to keep clicking spin over and over again as it will do it automatically for you for a specified number of rounds, the default is set at fifty.

Payout Percentage / Return to Player / Odds of Winning – The Invisible Man Slot Game

The Invisible Man Slot Game has an estimated 94-97% Return to Player (RTP). This means, that if a player where to spin millions of times, they would expect to get that percentage of their stake returned. Slot machines typically have the lowest percentage payout figures when compared to other casino games such as Roulette.

The probability of winning the top prizes of 200,000 coins is considerably better than most other jackpot slot machine prizes however, so this game shouldn’t be disregarded for statistical reasons.

The Invisible Man Slot Game Interface & Graphics

As mentioned earlier in this review, the visual aspects of this game as superb. See for yourself with some screenshots of the computer game play below. Bonus rounds can be triggered too where the player must avoid the police and find the prizes by interacting with the environment which includes suspicious objects and even more suspect individuals.

The ‘Police’ and ‘Griffin’ wild Symbols are a key feature of the game, they allow the player to win both ways across the reels. They appear very frequently, so it’s not a rare occurrence to get multiple wins with a single spin.

Invisible Man Slot Review

Invisible Man Slot User Interface (UI) – clean, simple, minimalist design

wild invisible man slot review

The Wild Symbols of the ‘Invisible Man’ Slot Game – the odds of appearing as high compared to most other slot games.

Why Play ‘The Invisible Man’ Online Slot Machine Game

– First rate visual elements to the game including a clean, simply user interface. A cinematic introduction to the game and bonus games where the developers have clearly dedicated much time and thought unlike most other slot games.

– An atmospheric soundtrack that really makes the game engaging and fun to play for long periods.

– The Odds of winning are respectable, the possibility of winning the 200,000 coin jackpot being an obvious additional incentive to play.

Video Highlights & Clips of ‘The Invisible Man’

The ‘Wild’ symbols trigger multiple re-spins leading to large wins in many cases. See the clip below to get an idea of the games graphics, audio and features. The clip was recorded from the desktop version of this slot game.

Watch ‘The Invisible Man Slot’

Where to Play ‘The Invisible Man’ Slot Machine

Various online casino websites offer this game, the button below will take you to one of these sites where you will be able to try the demo version of the game for free or play with real funds.

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18+ Gamble Responsibly.