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‘The Middle’ Roulette Strategy

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How ‘The Middle’ Strategy Works – Step by Step Guide to beating Roulette

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The concept of this strategy is to essentially place to types of wagers for each spin. It offers a type of insurance to recover losses until a large win occurs. To make money, as with any roulette strategy, an element of luck is required.

Step 1.) Place your first bet – select the 2nd 12 (middle group) as your core wager

If your playing online, click to place your chips to cover the ‘2nd dozen’ option in the middle of the betting table. This means you have just covered approximately a third of all possible results of the next spin.

Step 2.) You’ll need to Place an Additional Bet on Red or Black

This is a way of adding insurance to the next spin, so if your dozen fails to come out (at a return of two to one) then you have a chance close to fifty percent of winning with this additional bet.

Step 3.) Rinse and Repeat!

Just use these two bets each time and keep spinning. You have a decent chance of making a profit but an element of luck is definitely required to produce long term results with this strategy.

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18+ Gamble Responsibly.