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Triple Spin Bonus Roulette | Featured Game

18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Game Synopsis: It’s classic Roulette with a twist, ideal for players who are finding the standard version slightly boring and repetitive. All the usual inside and outside bets are available, their payouts are identical to a typical European or American Roulette game.

The Triple Spin Bonus really stands out because of it’s additional betting options though, which include ‘splits’, ‘dragons’ and a yellow pocket with a payout of 12,000 to 1.

roulette spin bonus review

How to Play Triple Spin Roulette

Standard Roulette games follow a simple routine, the players place chips on the table prior to a spin. The dealer, or computer if playing online, then commences a spin and when the ball lands in a specific pocket the outcome is decided and thus the bet placed either wins or loses.

Triple Spin Roulette works in the exact same way, but it also features an additional bonus game. This is where the yellow pocket comes into play. If it lands in that section of the wheel, then the player wins three free spins. Furthermore, the chance of this happening is increased slightly as that specific pocket is wider than all others on the wheel.

An optional bonus bet is offered to the player in this situation, which can potentially return £120,000 for just a £10 wager given the fact the maximum win has payout odds of twelve thousand to one. This adds a unique appeal to Triple Spin Bonus Roulette as it gives the potential for winning a life changing amount of money.

It’s a significant factor to consider especially when contrasted to standard roulette where the maximum possible win is just 35 to 1 for a single bet. The fact a big win is possible is what attracts most players to jackpot slot machines, so it’s a game changer that a Roulette game now offers this potential.

As mentioned earlier, this version of Roulette offers all the standard wagering options, so if you want to simply bet on ‘red’ or ‘black’ for example, this is easily achievable. But Triple Spin Bonus Roulette also offers options which aren’t usually available to players enjoying Roulette.

Triple Spin Bonus Roulette

How to Play ‘Triple Spin Bonus Roulette’ – Unique Betting Options

Payout Percentage / Return to Player / Odds of Winning

The most important statistic to consider when looking at casino games is either the Payout Percentage of Return to Player (RTP). These figures give a clear summary of the probability of winning overall the long term. It’s a particularly useful figure for comparing similar games with each other. Why play a game that has a lower overall payout when they are better alternatives?

Triple Spin Bonus Roulette has a Return to Player (RTP) of 98.11%. So if a player wagered £1000, they would expect to get £981.11 back on average. In reality, it’s unlikely to work out at exactly that figure, but over millions of spins it should be close.

To put the 98.11% figure into some sort of context, it’s significantly better than American Roulette games, where this amount is closer to just 95%. It is very similar to that which European Roulette offers.

 Game Interface & Graphics

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette isn’t the most visually impressive game available in the casino environment, but it’s certainly pleasing enough to lead to an enjoyable gaming experience as the image below illustrates.

roulette spin

Pro’s of Triple Spin Roulette

– It’s roulette with various new ways to bet and crucially win. Ideal for players that find the standard roulette games a little tedious to play regularly.

– Offers a chance of winning a Jackpot, which normal table games don’t have. This is because of the bonus game feature where the maximum potential payout is twelve thousand times the players stake.

– The Game offers shortcuts to cover large sections of the table in one click through the ‘dragon’ function.

Con’s of Triple Spin Roulette

– It is possible to find a Roulette game with a higher overall Return to Player (RTP) and Payout Percentage.

– The bonus features and additional wagering options can make this game a little confusing, especially for novice casino players.

Video Clip of the ‘Bonus’ Feature

See the bonus feature in action on the Triple Spin Bonus Roulette game on the RedBlackWin YouTube Page

Where to Play ‘Triple Spin Roulette’

Various online Casino websites offer this game, we suggest selecting one which has a good welcome bonus and a trusted reputation. Please note this roulette game is only available to players within the European Union and selected other countries.

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18+ Gamble Responsibly.