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Beat the Casino with Proven Methods | Roulette Strategy, Tips, Hints & Secrets


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RedBlackWin offers a large range of Roulette Strategies to match every players style. Your chance of making a profit will be greatly increased but always gamble responsibly.

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Online Roulette is a game of chance – so if you hear of roulette systems that claim to have created a way of beating them and guaranteeing wins, we suggest dismissing them as it’s likely to be a scam.

However, just because roulette is a game relying on luck, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to influence the odds and increase your chances of winning by betting using logic and a clear roulette strategy.

It’s these Online Roulette Strategies that can help players make large profits, so here’s our guide to the most popular and effective strategies and systems out there.

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 Full List of Roulette Strategies & Systems:

‘All Bases Covered’ (Exclusive Strategy) – covers thirty results with each spin . Overall Rating :

‘Chasing the Dream’ (Exclusive Strategy) – recover losses efficiently until you hit the big win. Overall Rating :

‘James Bond’the odds favor the player with each spin, profit with every win

The ‘Labouchere’ – note taking required, but the potential rewards are certainly worth it. Overall Rating :

‘The Great Optimist’ (Exclusive Strategy) – an aggressive strategy with superb short term gains. Overall Rating :

Martingale Strategy  – high risk but close to guaranteeing profit in the short term. Overall Rating :

The Reverse Martingale – the famous strategy with a slight variation. Overall Rating :

Two Columns + Red – low risk and a great return on investment in most cases. Overall Rating :

Fibonacci System – very low risk with decent short term returns in most cases, the safest strategy. Overall Rating :

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Roulette Betting Tips, Strategy & System

Roulette Betting Tips, Strategy and System – Increase your Chances of Winning

Online Roulette Tips, Strategy & Systems:

Although Roulette is a game of chance, there are various techniques and tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning and walking away with a profit. These tips are focused on online roulette, not those in a Casino although the same principal often applies

Tip #1 – Before commencing your online roulette session, deposit an amount of money that will cover all your spins during said session. Stick to this figure, don’t make additional deposits if you lose. We advise picking a number of spins before you start, say ten for an example. Then proceed to stake 10% of your initial deposit on each spin, repeat this ten times and then withdraw the money you are left with. This online roulette strategy is effective as it’s lets you experience the thrill and potential to win, but at the same time let’s you stay in control and financially disciplined.

Tip #2 – Play European Roulette on a high limit wheel. This is advantageous as it increases your odds of winning with all roulette bets, especially red or black (as there is only one green zero, unlike or American roulette where there is two). There are no advantages of playing any other style of roulette from a statistical perspective.

Tip #3 – La Partage is fairly hard to find online, but there are various options still available. It’s a concept where on European Roulette, if the ball lands on green zero, then half of all stakes on even probability bets will be refunded (so if you’ve bet on red or black and it the result is zero, instead of losing all your stake as you normally would on roulette, you instead get a 50% refund straight back into your account). An online European Roulette wheel with La Partage is by far the best type of roulette to play as it reduces the house edge significantly and boosts your chances of winning both short and long term significantly.

Find out more about La Partage European Roulette

Our Favorite – Martingale Online Roulette Strategy – The concept here is simple, the player sticks to the evens odds bets (we suggest the outside red or black bet). If the player wins, they bet again with the same stake. If the player loses, they double the stake of their next bet until they win. This way  it makes it very unlikely that you’ll make a loss unless you hit the table limit for each bet before you get a win.

Advantages of the Martingale Strategy:

  • It provides the player with vastly increased odds of winning on a Online Roulette game in the short term
  • The Martingale strategy is highly effective – but only on high limit games.

Disadvantages of the Martingale Strategy:

  • It’s a high risk roulette strategy as if the player hits a losing streak, there is the potential to make significant losses when the table limit is hit. As with each loss the stake is doubles; this can very quickly rise and so even large limits can be reached.

 Conclusion: With the Martingale strategy, the chance of making a short term profit is very high. But the longer the player keeps using this technique, the worse the projected outlook is. We suggest using it for a short term boost then resorting to alternative roulette strategies

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