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The Truth about Online Roulette | Myths, Cons & Reality


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Online Roulette – Definitive Guide | Myths, Cons & Reality

Ever since the game of Roulette was invented in 18th century France; there has been speculation as to whether the game was fair from a statistical perspective. Many claim it’s setup to favor the casino, prevent a number from winning if there’s a large stake bet on it and countless other claims. Here’s the comprehensive guide where we aim to give you The Truth about Online Roulette specifically – sorting fact from fiction.


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The Claim: Online Roulette is Fixed by the Casino so they make Money

Analysis: Typically, the people making this claim have just made a big loss on Roulette and are simply lashing out as they are upset. Many are naturally skeptical of online roulette in particular as systems and random number generators are behind the outcome of spins and you can’t physically see the wheel and result land (unless your playing live roulette online). But in reality, all online roulette in Europe and America are independently verified and validated for their fairness by gambling commissions.

Of course by default, the casino does have a slightly advantage with each spin. But this is no secret or great conspiracy. It’s simply known as the casino edge, where by adding a green zero and/or double green zero they can profit from bets on all other bets on odds, evens, red or black for example.

This casino edge is fairly large at over 5% on American Roulette, but is half that on European Roulette, which is why we always suggest playing roulette on that type of wheel to boost your chances of regularly winning.

The Truth – Conclusion: Online Roulette wheel’s are not rigged or fixed as long as you bet with a reputable online casino. You will have a slight statistical disadvantage with any bet you place on the wheel, but by betting on European Roulette you can reduce this significantly. This concept, known as the ‘casino edge or house edge’ is public knowledge and not a factor to be worried about.

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The Claim: Hot & Cold Numbers are the Secret to Winning Roulette

Analysis: For those of you not familiar with these terms; hot numbers refer to past results on roulette wheel spins. A number is deemed ‘hot’ if it has appeared multiple times in recent spins. A cold number is a result which hasn’t been seen in a long time. On many online roulette games, you’ll see a section that tells you what these numbers are. Many people bet on them simply because they have appeared frequently or because they haven’t and they ‘must appear soon or be overdue’.

Some claim that the fact a number is hot illustrates that the wheel is fixed is some way to make some numbers appear more frequently. But with online roulette this isn’t the case as all outcomes are decided by random number generators.

The Truth – Conclusion: Each Roulette spin is independent, the result of previous spins has no impact on the result of the next one. This makes the concept of hot and cold numbers completely redundant, a result is no more likely to appear because it has done multiple times already or hasn’t done at all for hundreds of spins.

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The Issue: Casino Free Bets & Bonuses – a clever trick or worthwhile for new players?

Analysis: If you’ve ever visited an online casino website or roulette wheel, we’re confident you will have seen a phrase such as ‘200% Welcome Deposit Bonus’ or ‘£100 Completely Free – No Deposit Required’. They sound almost too good to be true, and in reality they almost always are.

The first key point to consider is that yes the offer does give what it promises. Say with a 100% deposit bonus, if you deposit £10, you will see it magically increase to £20. Which sounds great, but it’s simply a trick to get more new players to sign up and deposit in nearly all situations (there are some credible and trustworthy sites where genuine offers that are worth taking advantage of do exist)

The term we always dread to hear is ‘rollover requirement’. If you’ve redeemed a bonus like the ones we have just discussed, you could confidently bet your house that you’ll have to play through that amount of money a seemingly absurd amount of times.

A common requirement among the lest reputable online casino’s is 99 x Rollover Deposit Requirement before withdrawal. Yes, that really is as bad as it sounds. If you deposited say £10 and got an additional £10 bonus, you’d have to bet almost £1000 just to have the chance of making a withdrawal. The worst part is that this includes your original deposit, not just the bonus.

A clever solution would be to bet on very low risk options, for example covering red and black on roulette – but unfortunately the casino’s thought of that, and all bets with little risk don’t count towards the rollover requirement at all.

The Truth – Conclusion: There are very few casino bonuses or free bets that are worth it. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Try and locate less impressive sounding offers like £5 Free and always read through the terms and conditions. Our main recommendation would be to avoid all bonuses and simply play with your own money on a trustworthy online casino.

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